Website documenting the progress of the German Selbstbestimmungsgesetz

Birthday Countdown

An Android App counting down to your next birthday!


Simple driver for reading data from Phoenixtec ("Amazon Basics") UPSes written in c

Würfeln mit Armin

Dein persönliches CDU-orakel vom Würfel-armin!
Mit Video!


Elder Futhark keyboard for android


Framework for creating info-screens / calendars with html, css and javascript


Command-line tool for controlling individual dmx channels with olad


Clickr is a mobile game for Android I developed for fun.
The main goal of the game is to click on the screen as often as possible.

Since version 2.1 you can also play battles against your friends!
Version 2.2 adds the rainbow-mode and various ux & ui improvements

Get it here:

Available on Samsung Galaxy Store


Basic assembly-like high-level programming language


Skyicons are small pixel-icons following specific rules. For example, they can be used as placeholders for profile pictures.
Generate your own random skyicons and save them to your device at!


Pixelimg.js is a rather small js-library to display code-generated pixel images inside of an html image-element.
Used at