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Skyicon-website finsihed

Skyicon's web page now is up and running.
There you can generate your own random skyicons and save them to your device.
Visit https://sky.drmaxnix.de to try it out by yourself.
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Clickr in Galaxy Store

My game Clickr is now in Samsung's Galaxy Store!
Visit: https://galaxy.store/clickrapp
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Clickr Battle-Mode Out!

Clickr's new version 2.1 just released!
The biggest new feature is the battle-mode where you can play against up to 7 other users
Download: https://clickr.drmaxnix.de/download
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Basic assembly-like high-level programming language


Skyicons are small pixel-icons following specific rules. For example, they can be used as placeholders for profile pictures.
Generate your own random skyicons and save them to your device at https://sky.drmaxnix.de!


Pixelimg.js is a rather small js-library to display code-generated pixel images inside of an html image-element.
Used at skyicon.drmaxnix.de.